Plate-loaded Solid Rock

Bodytone Solid Rock Professional Bodybuilding Disc Machines

The Bodytone Solid Rock series of professional bodybuilding machines combines strength and design for a high-performance workout. Demanding users will find a biomechanically perfect disc-guided strength training in this series. The more solid Bodytone series incorporates new EVA rubber injection moulded upholstery, seat with improved ergonomics. New softer and more compact bearing system. Galvanized steel for disc storage, prolonging their useful life. Thanks also to the new system of plate joints that embraces the face of the tube, it achieves greater stability of the machines. 7 layers of powder paint and lacquer, providing an “extra Rought” finish. Biomechanical adjustments aimed at improving exercise depending on the needs of the model. Position, height, ergonomics are factors to be taken into account in the improvement of this series.


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