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Olympic barbell set

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Official Olympic bar for bodybuilding 15 / 20 kg

The Olympic bars are designed specifically for weightlifting work following the standards of competition and training in terms of measurements and weight.



This type of barbells are widely used in fitness gyms as well as in box and cross training centers.



Thanks to its 8 bearings, the sleeve rotate freely with respect to the bar to ensure fluid movement and prevent possible injuries to joints such as the wrist. In addition, it has standard marks for measuring the width of the grip.



If you are looking for a place to store them comfortably in your box or gym, we recommend our vertical rack ER4.

Additional information

200 - 220 cm


Handles: 25 mm (200 cm bar) and 28 mm (220 cm bar); Sleeves: 50 mm in both.


Chromed steel on sleeves. Bar in black zinc.


15 - 20 kg


8 bearings, 4 bearings per sleeve. Greater softness in the rotation.


Double knurled marks.

Maximum supported weight

1000 / 1500

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