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Discover Bodytone’s professional bodybuilding machines: we offer selectorized , plate-loaded and crossover machines, benches & racks within our Evolution, Solid Rock and Compact product lines.

Bodytone prides itself on innovative, high-quality fitness equipment which is designed to meet the needs of all athletes in their daily training routine. The Evolution range offers twenty different models, all of which are equipped with a padding system resistant to perspiration, allergens and bacteria. The Evolution weight machines have an internal bearing that guarantees they function silently.


The Solid Rock range offers professional weight machines such as pectoral, dorsal, oblique press, shoulder press and power cage machines. Amongst other things, these weight machines are equipped with the necessary grips and stops to make them the best option in terms of resistance and safety.

All Bodytone weight machines are designed with a thorough study of biomechanics and ergonomics, and their performance is proven by professional athletes. Equip your gym with guaranteed quality.




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