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WT1     Indoor Cycling
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The most accurate spinning bike on the market

It’s time to move some watts …

Monitor your workouts and get total control over the effort with the new console of the indoor bike WT1.

Discover all its functions:


  • FTP OR PU: functional threshold power or threshold power (w).
  • POWER ZONES: 5 power zones (active recovery, aerobic resistance, tempo, threshold and VO2max).
  • W / KG: power to weight ratio or relative power.
  • HR: heart rate or heart rate.
  • HRMAX: maximum heart rate in the session.
  • KCAL: Calories.
  • SPEED: speed in km / h.
  • DISTANCE: in km.
  • LAP: Laps, average calculation of watts and rpm of each round to make training series.

Indoor Bike Group®


It uses the WIFI BT CONNECT® technology, unique in real-time data transfer with the app, improving the connection through a wider bandwidth than current group apps and indoor cycling bikes on the market. Compatible with the MyBodytone® app, synchronize your workouts in the cloud!

The group indoor cycle app that analyzes and controls your training:


  • Compare yourself and other users for maximum motivation.
  • Connection via WIFI BT CONNECT®. No interference and more data refresh in real time.
  • The unique App in the market with unlimited users connected at the same time.
  • View your FTP and FTP area in real time, as well as Instant power, RPM, HR and username.
  • At the end of the session the software shows the average data of the time you have been in each FTP area.
  • Export your session statistics to MyBodytone® to control your training.
Additional information

128 x 61 x 112 cm

Saddle-pedal distance




Max. box weight (Gross)



Capacitive touch screen 4.7 “ with measures: 164 x 122 x 35mm. Compatible with APP My Bodytone® And Bodytone Indoor Bike Group®. Functions: HR, HRmax, FTP, W / Kg, kCal, Speed, Distance, Laps (Turns, calculation of Watts and RPM of each training’s series). BT CALIBRATING SYSTEM® 95.5% of success rate.

Maximum user weight

150 kg


ALUMINUM. With this material we avoid rust. Equivalent to 20 kg.


TRANSMISSION Poly V® Belt. The Poly V® has been designed for a larger contact surface than trapezoidal or flat belts. The best transmission ratio with respect to a normal belt.


Side and front guard of the flywheel and shaft manufactured in TPR, which prevents rust and corrosion caused by sweat. Rear protectors in ABS for stretching on both sides and in the central tube.


SPD Mixed. VP Components X-93. Double use, perfect for use with cycling or common shoes.


Ergonomic handlebar adapted from road cycling with double grip: upper and lower aerodynamic position. Vertical and horizontal sliding regulation, with 6 positions numbered by laser and printed. Porous foam coating, antiallergic and easy to clean. Easy-block positioners.

Handlebar stem

Aluminum with 7 positions numbered by laser and printed.

Bottom bracket

Special design, larger and grooved with NTN bearings, with double system on the right side. This double bearing reinforces our shaft to avoid torsion.


Special EVA base special for indoor cycling. Coated in faux leather. Antiprostatic design with extra comfort in pelvic area.

Saddle adjustments

ALUMINUM with micro adjustments, 17 different positions in vertical and 10 horizontal positions numbered by laser and printed. Easy block positioners.


Aluminium with laser numbered and printed positions.


Emergency brake by intensity regulator.


Magnetic brake with four magnets of NEODYMIUM.


PVC and Aluminium bottle support.


3 mm thick steel tube welded by robotic process.


Front wheel for easy handling.


4 height leveller for easier stability.

Painting process

3 levels of paint. Steel pickling and stabilized by immersion. Antioxidant primer to ensure adequate isolation and 2 final coats of epoxy poliester.

Design process

Study of biomechanics and ergonomics under the supervision of professionals and associated athletes. After a long period of design; From the sketch, research in engineering, production of prototypes, checking by professional athletes before going to the market.

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