Body Dome

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The Body Dome is a semi-sphere or half-balance ball that can be used by people of all kinds and ages. It seeks to work the muscles as a whole by proposing global movements that activate the muscles simultaneously. In this way, working one area also exercises the adjacent joints and muscle groups.

The exercises it allows, based on balance due to its unstable base, imply an adaptation of the muscles to habitual situations, in addition to their toning, generating cardiovascular, postural and proprioceptive benefits.

One of its great advantages is the great variety of training, from very basic to advanced level, which it allows to perform. It can also be used in combination with other devices such as weights, dumbbells or tensors. It can be used on both sides. Designed to support up to 140 kg.

The Body Dome is an unstable surface widely used in group activities of gyms and sports centers, besides being a very popular functional equipment in the centers of personal training and rehabilitation thanks to its usefulness in the work of proprioception and balance.

Additional information

61 x 61 x 30 cm


2 elastic rubber bands with grip, one at each side.

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