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The ZRO Air Bike is a bike created specifically for cardiovascular training, one of its most frequent uses being HIIT type training, or high intensity interval training. It allows to work in a global way the resistance through the pedaling and movement of the arms jointly.


  • ZRO Impact: both the pedaling and the movement of the arms are made without impact on our joints, making the Air Bike ideal for cardiovascular work whatever the physical condition of the athlete.
  • ZRO Consumption: by not requiring electricity, we eliminate the cables and reduce the power consumption substantially.
How it works?

Its operation is based on air resistance: the more force we use, the greater the resistance it will offer us. It adapts to the specific needs of each user thanks to its individualized adjustments. As there are not two equal athletes, the possibilities of customization and types of training are endless. You can maintain a smooth rhythm that stabilizes your heart rate, you can measure the time and distance you want to reach or you can jump, instantly, to a session of high intensity Tabata intervals. The possibilities are unlimited.

Additional information

134 x 58 x 130 cm

Maximum user weight

135 kg

Hours of use

1560 hours/year

Bottom bracket



27 inch diameter.


Poly V® Belt


Seat with ergonomic design that relieves pressure, so you can comfortably withstand intense cardio sessions. Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the seat.


The console with LCD screen offers a clear vision and full of configurable features for users. You can choose from high intensity intervals to training by objectives.


All Bodytone machines have been designed with the same characteristics as the cardio range developed for the gym and used by Olympic champions. Which means greater security, less maintenance and the guarantee that you have chosen a quality product that will help you achieve your goals without putting your heart at risk.

Assembly processes

Crosstraining bike made of high strength steel, coated with a layer of industrial powder paint. All parts are sealed and guarantee a long life without maintenance.

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