EVOM4     Functional training
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Semi-Professional Multi-Station complete with 4 stations with reinforced structure and high resistance components. It offers a wide range of possibilities with its more than 15 different exercises, as well as the possibility of up to 4 users training simultaneously.

Professional loading system

Train like in a gym with its 100kg load system with magnetized selector. The most complete multi-station training system.

  • Combines the multi-station with the seated leg press.
  • Exercise control with a maximum tension of 98Kg. Wide range of weights for progressive training.
  • Adjustable leg press with grip handle. Maximum comfort during exercise.
  • Fully enclosed. Greater protection and safety during exercise.
  • Controlled exercise thanks to its exclusive guided exercise system, you can train with maximum safety.
  • Pulley system with bearings. It allows a very smooth and direct exercise.
  • Long duration guaranteed. The multi-station is made of steel covered with epoxy paint.
    Semi-Professional Guarantee (maximum hours of use: 1560h/year)
Additional information

266,5 x 210 x 214 cm

Weight of plates

Up to 100 kg


Made of steel covered by epoxy resin.


Pulley system with bearings


Fully covered for safe training

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