Quality policy



The COMMITMENT to provide and maintain the highest levels of service quality, generating the least possible environmental impact.  Throughout 20 years we have grown with sport and health as a standard. For this reason, we are fully committed to the values mentioned below.


1 Commitment to quality. We work with the best materials to guarantee the final quality of our products. From the manufacturing process to the assembly, painting, and software installation of our products is reviewed by a technician specializing in these areas.
2 Human Commitment. In Bodytone work more than 50 employees, and among them is encouraged the practice of sports and healthy lifestyles. In this way, we understand the point of view of our customers to work on the improvement of each product in a holistic way.
3 Sports commitment. We work side by side with professional athletes and gyms to ensure that the performance of the activity is the best for each product range: functional training, bodybuilding, strength, cross training, cycling, and much more.


The PURPOSE is to be an organization oriented to process management and risk analysis, to ensure the control and improvement of them, the integration of our staff in their development and compliance with the commitment to quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency and pollution prevention, in order to seek maximum customer satisfaction.
As well as being a reference for the sectors and activities of machinery and articles for fitness;


At Bodytone we design, manufacture and distribute gym machines and fitness equipment both for professionals and for training at home. Our goal is that the user can complete their training functionally and effectively.


As well as in our social environment. Everything is based on the development of people, as an indispensable element to achieve the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of our processes, the sense of belonging to the organization and its personal realization.


Aware of the need to have internationally recognized Standardized Systems, the organization has aligned its Quality and Environmental Management System to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.


Therefore, the Management is committed to lead and maintain an Integrated Management System of Quality and Environment in the organization based on continuous improvement and the following guidelines:


  • The serious commitment to know the needs and expectations of our customers and interested parties, to achieve their satisfaction, and continuous improvement, establishing and verifying compliance with the objectives and annual goals.
  • The commitment to comply with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as the requirements to which they subscribe.
  • The commitment to environmental conservation, trying to develop a management according to the protection of the environment within our possibilities as a company
  • The commitment to the continuous review of skills and continuous improvement, in order to ensure the quality of services and their ability to meet the growing challenges posed by our customers.


All our personnel accept the commitment to improve the quality of services, of the auxiliary processes of the company and to develop a responsible environmental conduct, within the different positions of work.

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