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Professional Fitness Equipment for Gyms

Making the decision about which equipment is right for your gym is not always easy. There is a wide variety of suppliers, as well as an immense list of products and apparatus to equip your gym with. Therefore, at Bodytone, we offer you a large number of fitness apparatus complete with all necessary explanations to help answer all your questions.


Still not sure where to start? Don’t worry, the Bodytone team are available to advise you and help you choose the gym equipment that most fits your workout style. We will ensure that your sports facilities have all the necessary material for your customers to feel more than satisfied with the service.


On our website we offer you an extensive catalogue so that you can choose your gym and fitness items. Discover the Bodytone professional fitness machines, or be surprised by our cardio range; a new and professional line accessible for any sports centre.


Dedicate part of your gym to Cross Training by installing a Cross Area, and make sure you provide all the necessary material for fitness classes like kettlebells or gym balls. We also have lockers, wardrobes and benches to quality furnish even the last corner of your gym.


Thanks to Bodytone you will have all the products you could possibly need for your gym or for exercising at home.