More than 20 years


With a trajectory of over 20 years in the fitness market, and a current presence in 40 countries worldwide, Bodytone is already viewed as a prestigious international company, backed by the wide range of products that make up our catalogue, as well as our wide national and international distribution network that continues to grow year on year, as demonstrated by our success stories.


At Bodytone we design, manufacture and distribute our products all over the world. All this is possible thanks to a great team of people with many years of experience who create products that stand out for their solidity, design and excellent quality and excellent technical service.


We rely on our own extensive manufacturing facilities and highly qualified personnel.


Bodytone is in a constant process of evolution, innovation and improvement. We pay attention to even the smallest details in order to continuously improve our products and adapt to the needs of the market.


At Bodytone we are always looking towards the future and striving to keep our equipment up to date with the latest virtual training technologies for the most demanding athletes.

1997First sketches for the design of equipment.
1998Prototyping for small sports facilities.
1999Manufacturing first units for the local market.
2000Jumping to the national market (Spain).
2001Presentation of products in national fairs.
2005Incorporation of the first lines of Cardio.
2006The challenge of the Indoor Cycling begins.
2010Participation in the FiBO 2010 international fair.
2011Year of internationalization for the company.
2012Creation of the Giro indoor bike. Success!
2014First export to South America and North Africa. Participation in IHRSA 2014.
2015First export to the Middle-east.
2016First participation in the China Sport Show (Shanghai).
2017New image, change and growth.
2018Foundation of Bodytone China.

Our values

Throughout 20 years we have grown with sports and health. For this reason, we are totally committed to the values ​​we mention below.

Quality commitment. We work with the best materials to guarantee the final quality of our products. From the manufacturing process to the assembly, painting, and software installation of our products is reviewed by a specialist in those areas.

Human commitment. More than 50 employees work at Bodytone, and among them, sports practice and healthy lifestyle habits are encouraged. In this way, we understand the point of view of our clients to work on the improvement of each product in a holistic way.

Sports commitment. We work hand in hand with professional athletes and gyms to ensure that the performance of the activity is the best for each product range: functional training, strength training, cross training, pilates, yoga and much more.

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