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Running and Walking Treadmills, Professional and Home

Running on a treadmill or outdoors?

There are many advantages to running on a treadmill as opposed to running outdoors. If you are starting to run, it is better to do it on a professional treadmill. Since it’s a regular surface, the effort required is less, so you’ll get less tired. You can also control the speed and intensity, and adapt it to your progress.

All Bodytone treadmills have a multi-window console, with which you can follow your sessions completely. In addition to twelve training programs, you can choose the one that best suits you. And if you are recovering from an injury, it is also advisable to run on a treadmill, as the strain on your knees and ankles will be less than when training outdoors.

Having a professional treadmill at home is ideal in the winter, when it’s raining or cold and you don’t feel like going outside to run. Get a Bodytone treadmill. A quality product with which to exercise effectively and safely.

Which treadmill is right for me?

Depending on the type of exercise you want to do, there are several types of treadmills.

If you want the treadmill to regulate your speed and you want to be able to increase your speed without losing your rhythm, we recommend that you choose an electric treadmill.

If, on the other hand, you want to make faster pace changes and improve your maximum running speed, you can buy a self-propelled treadmill like our curved treadmill. These allow you to improve both speed and power and also make it easier for you to gather information from your training, evaluating your speed, power and even your own strength as you go.

At Bodytone we offer both types of treadmills, so bad weather will no longer be an excuse not to exercise. In our catalogue you will find treadmills to equip your gym or to exercise at home effectively.


Discover the effectiveness of Bodytone treadmills

Bodytone treadmills are built to give you the best of you in every step or stride. You can exercise safely and get the results you want in your workout.

Feel the incredible sensation of running on our professional treadmills, such as the Evolution Treadmill 1 (EVOT1+). It also has a multi-window console that we offer in different colors. Orange, yellow, green… There is no finish that can resist us to customize the elements of your professional treadmill.

And if what you are looking for is a treadmill with a TFT touch screen console and the best features on the market. You can choose our EVOT1+ treadmill. Dimensions that can be adapted to your space, inclination possibilities, speed regulation, wallpaper, quality activity controller and even the addition of accessories are some of the features that bring together our professional treadmills.

Having the right equipment to train is essential to achieve your goals and those of your clients. In Bodytone we know this, and that is why we manufacture, sell and distribute better treadmills with a careful quality.


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