How to increase our muscle mass in a progressive way


Surely you have asked yourself thousands of times what is the real way to increase muscle mass. Therefore from Bodytone we give you some tips for this, follow them progressively next to a diet rich in protein, and soon you will notice results.

Surely you have asked yourself thousands of times what is the real key to increase muscle mass. And there are thousands of doubts about muscle development and what is the right method of training.

Without going any further, the innovative HIIT training is able to give very good results in less time. Therefore, from Bodytone we give you some tips for this, follow them progressively along with a diet rich in protein, and you will soon notice results.

Tips to increase muscle mass:

#1. How much weight and repetitions.

There are many doubts about how much weight to lift to make the training effective. Variety of studies show that the right weight depends on the person, according to their capacity and conditioning.

As for the repetitions, lifting a maximum of 8-12 times the trained weight, is the most effective exercise to increase the volume of muscle mass. It is also important to know that the only way to increase muscle mass is not only lifting very heavy weights, but there are other means such as performing training using your own weight.

The effectiveness of lifting very heavy weights takes place when you have already reached a very high level of resistance or when your goal is bodybuilding.

#2. Series per exercise.

There are always doubts about which number of sets is the best according to the exercise in strength training. And this figure varies greatly depending on the level of physical condition you have.

For beginners, the first weeks usually obtain similar results with the realization of a single series or with multiple series. In the case of more professional athletes, the results are better when performing multiple sets, since the one-time muscle stimulation does not have enough intensity to force the muscles.

Therefore, if you are already shooting, it is advisable to make between 3 and 5 series.

#3. Duration of rest between series.

Rest between sets is as important as the exercise itself. If we talk about times, it is necessary to rest between 1-3 min between individual series.

The breaks are totally effective as long as the exercises are done keeping a constant rhythm and performing them correctly.

#4. How many days of training.

Generally, it is convenient to leave two days of interval between workouts in order that the body recovers and recomposes forces. In the case of beginners it is usually enough with few weekly sessions, even with only 2 sessions of strength training enough. While in the more advanced can train 3 to 4 times a week.

The abdominal training using the abdominal wheel is an exercise that gives very good results for both beginners and advanced athletes. Although the advisable thing is to make a program in which the main muscular groups are exercised realizing a routine of training that assures a correct muscular recovery.

Most divided workouts consist of working separately the upper and lower part of the body or split the sessions between push and pull exercises.

#5. Maintenance.

After achieving the muscle mass we want, we do not have to stop, but it is the key moment for the definition of our muscles to continue at the same pace. And it is that it only takes 15 days of not performing training to be visible the loss of muscle mass.

Even for bodybuilding or home maintenance exercises you can use utensils such as:

  • Floor grabs for push-ups
  • Jump rope for jump training
  • elastic bands for muscle toning

According to the personal trainers, the first results are shown close to the 3 months of sustained practice of bodybuilding exercises. And with only 6 months of training it is already possible to notice a good difference in muscle growth and definition.

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