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Technology linked to the practice of sport converted itself in a trend. Gyms that want to stay up-to-date have to update their offer to touch a larger public.

Ludification is an optimal tool to create experience between customers and gym users.

Heart rate monitoring of user is not only a tool for sport coachs, it is also useful for gym owners because that suppose progress and a path to create commitment.

Mobile devices (such as connected watches GPS…) in fitness world are more than usuals. People choose to list their physical activity because they find motivation to continue improving their performance or simply to introduce more activity in their routine, day after day.

Tecnology and connectivity

This year in Bodytone, we spotlighted the importance of the implantation of new tecnologies in different fitness areas. This can concern domestic machines but also profesionnal ones.


Our products are varying from the others from the competition thanks to the design very vanguard focused on functions and the constant adaptation of products with tecnology and connectivity. That is why we are counting on our app MyBodytone.


MyBodytone offers the possibility to live an unique experience with our cardio equipments. This app also offers the ability to immerse yourself in various realists scenarios while you train, You also can consult your training’s statistics and synchronize it automatically on the cloud.


You will have in you possession an effective way to register your trainings on domestic machines but also on profesional ones.


Thanks to a sensor specially created and designed for Bodytone, you will be wealling to display the distance or speed in real time while you train.

On your account, you can enter your datas on the app and MyBodytone will take care of keeping them for your next sessions. At the end of the training, datas will synchronize automatically with the app that you have already choosen, for example TraininGym or Google Fit.


Motivation for home trainings is essential and connectivity brings diversity to users. To do it, Bodytone Home machines like elliptical DS55, bike DS45 and chip BK can generate datas to connect with training platforms such as Bkool and Zwift. With theses, you can benefit from virtuals paths, competing with more than 1.000 cyclists, spinning classes, videos and motivational music to make the rythm and create the perfect environment.


You want to benefit from your trainings and incrase your motivation at each exercise?


Enter in our products section and check big options of our machines with thoses that you can benefit of our MyBodytone app.

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