The Leg Press machine: types and differences


There is a wide range of machines for the lower body training, but there is only one model that manages to activate the entire leg comfortably and effectively: the leg press machine.

The leg press machine allows a global strength workout that involves almost all the muscles of the legs: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes… In addition, the hip muscles and the core are also activated to stabilize the pelvis during movement.

What is a leg press?

This makes the leg press a very complete strength machine, so it is essential for any gym and / or personal training studio aimed at fitness or strength training in general.

In the following lines we will analyze the different types of leg presses that we can find in Bodytone, the virtues of each model, and differences between each model.

We start with our most affordable line, Compact. The leg press C59 has a seat with fixed position and a slightly inclined backrest adjustable in depth (front and back). In this case, the user is kept in a fixed position on his seat and it is the push platform that makes the movement, and through a complex system of pulleys he transfers the 95 kg of weight plates to the legs.

Thanks to handles on both sides of the seat, it allows you to hold on during the execution of the exercise and achieve a more stable position to push.

Prensa de piernas Compact de Bodytone

Leg Press C59

When we talk about the Evolution range, the mechanism changes completely. In the leg press E59 the platform remains fixed, and it is the user and his seat that travel through two robust rails.

This allows us to adjust the initial position of the seat, fixing it where it is most interesting for reasons of height or leg length, adapting therefore to a great diversity of people.

The backrest has a slightly greater inclination, allowing a healthier back position and allowing better transfer of strength, where we reach up to 125 kg of weight plates.

Prensa de piernas Evolution de Bodytone

Leg Press E59

Within the Evolution range we would have another very exclusive leg press in Bodytone, which is the Leg Press / Hack Squat EB14. In this case we will not find weight plates with a selector, but the machines have some supports to insert olympic plates up to a total of 180 kg.

This leg press machine is oblique type (the thrust is not made parallel to the ground, but is made diagonally from the bottom up at an angle of approximately 45 ° with respect to the ground) so that gravity acts increasing the exercise intensity.

Prensa jaca Evolution de Bodytone

Hack Squat EB14

But the main feature of the EB14 is its versatility, since it allows to choose an oblique leg press position (user sitting on the bottom pushing a platform on the top) or hack squat (user standing with supports on the shoulders and platform located at the bottom).

This allows a classic work of strength for legs or a more specific work, such as a melee in rugby.

On the other hand we find the plate-loaded Solid Rock machines, with its two models SR06E (leg press) and SR09E (hack squat). Its structure is much more robust and allows to work with up to 480 kg of weight (completely loading its supports with olympic plates).

Prensa de piernas Solid Rock de Bodytone

Solid Rock Leg Press SR06E

In addition, it adapts to a large number of people, since the route of these strength machines allows an effective use in people with height between 150 and 200 cm (users outside this range can use it perfectly but they can feel uncomfortable in the initial or final phases of the movement), and its maintenance is very reduced or almost nil since there is no wiring, weight plates or other complex elements.

Jaca Solid Rock de Bodytone

Solid Rock Hack Squat SR09E

Despite the differences in terms of construction qualities, comfort or load capacity, the purpose of your gym and the user profile that comes to it will determine the equipment that you need.

At Bodytone we want to help you choosing the best option. Let us advise you!

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