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Being a good runner not only means running, but also trying to do other types of exercises and workouts, alternating with running.

This is an advantage to make your training more complete and effective, and a way to include other routines to our training thus avoiding getting tired of doing the same exercises all the time.

And one of the best alternatives for training beyond the continuous race are the stairs!

When we hear this word we often associate it with the stands, but in this case we will focus on the conventional stairs, which we could walk up in any building, park, public space and so on.

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Another benefit of climbing stairs is that we can work with them in infinite ways, so we will help you find the best exercises to do on them.


If you are one of those who has avoided climbing stairs, even knowing all the benefits of climbing stairs that can bring us and the usefulness that can serve us, it is important that you read this article.

The fact is that most runners know the benefits of climbing slopes and their convenience is something we have assumed, however, the demands of exercising on stairs makes us run away from them. But we’re wrong!

One of the great benefits of climbing stairs is the prevention of injuries that it generates with respect to the rest of exercises, since it is not as aggressive for our joints as other types of training.

The risk of injury is much lower than when running or climbing steep slopes.

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For all these aspects it is important to claim its usefulness, its convenience and its application to almost any type of training. Get to know all the benefits it can bring you.

Benefits of climbing stairs

  • Climbing stairs helps strengthen the lungs and heart.
  • Stairs force you to climb and increase endurance, this helps you achieve higher levels of strength and energy.
  • The climbs exercise mainly the twins, buttocks and quadriceps, the main muscles for the race and forces you to use the stabilizing muscles, which are the most forgotten in a normal race.
  • By strengthening the twins, buttocks, and quadriceps, you reduce the risk of injury. The descents work especially the quadriceps, so you will gain a great stability in your knees.
  • Stairs tend to be much steeper than most slopes, which means more effort and more effective training.
  • As you run up stairs, your heart rate increases very quickly and your breathing speeds up to get more oxygen.
  • His increases the maximum amount of oxygen in intense exercise, thus improving your performance.
  • Running up stairs will get you used to using more oxygen and turning it into energy, which will give you that power and explosiveness you need in your stride.

And the best of all? That stairs are everywhere, so there are no excuses!!

Exercises on stairs

First of all you can increase your speed, so that your pulsations increase quickly by doing very effective aerobic work to improve your endurance.

You can also modify the intensity of exercises on stairs by changing the way you climb: from two to two steps, jump with both feet, with one foot, include squats on each step. . . etc.

Another exercise to climb stairs to tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks that you can do, is strides backwards or sideways, or from a step moving backwards and down alternating legs.

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To work twins you can place yourself at the edge of a step, tiptoe and lower your heels as far as you can and then raise them contracting from the twins.

Other exercises on stairs that you can do are jumps, thus working with each impulse the contraction of the middle area of the body.

Or if you prefer to stay at home or not leave the gym doing stairs climbing exercise our Stairway GTL machine by Bodytone is a machine designed to offer a comprehensive training of the whole body. Thanks to being at an angle of 40 degrees allows to eliminate the lumbar load when performing the exercise, and increase muscle load over the entire body.

Our Stairway GTL is self-propelled, so no power connection is required. The greater the speed of the exercise, the greater its intensity and hardness.

Another novelty this year is the cornering machine. A whole new experience running with which you get very good physical results.

Finally, from Bodytone we conclude that climbing stairs are very efficient to complete your workouts.

But it is important to remember that training is effective as long as its continuity and intensity is correct.

Enter our product web section and check out the great options of our machinery. In Bodytone we work every day to offer the highest quality in our products.

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