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Professional gym machines and fitness equipment

Treadmills, crosstrainers, strength equipment or free weights


In Bodytone we offer you everything you need to take advantage of your potential in each workout. In our catalogue you will find a large number of gym machines and fitness equipment for you to enjoy each pedal, stride or flexion. We try to meet the needs of each athlete in their daily training routine, as well as give them a plus of motivation. Whether it’s to equip your own gym at home or for a sports facility, Bodytone products are designed to make the most of your sessions.

In Bodytone we pay special attention to the design of the material and we offer you an exclusive personalization. You will be able to choose the colour of some elements of our gym machines so that they combine perfectly with the character of your sports centre. Whether you’re doing cardio exercises, getting in shape through your bodybuilding routine or enjoying a good session of any directed activity, equip yourself with Bodytone. We incorporate quality materials and the latest innovations in our products so you can empower your lifestyle!


Training at the gym or at home?


Each person has a set of preferences when it comes to choosing where to train. The fundamental thing when it comes to adapting a space for exercising, whether at home or in a gym, is to have enough space to be able to move freely, that is clear and has good ventilation. Once the site is adequate, it is time to equip it with gym machines and fitness equipment. In this step it is very important to know what type of training to do and which muscles to focus on. There is a wide range of gym machines: for cardio sessions, bodybuilding, crossfit or directed activities. The decision will mark the type of equipment you need.

The most common fitness equipment are mattresses for floor exercises and elastic cords for movements such as pushing, stretching and turning. If you want to train your strength, we recommend you take a look at our dumbbells, kettlebells to tone your muscles and sets of weights and light bars. In Bodytone, you can buy online for these elements and a wide variety of gym machines, so you can set up your exercise area at home or so that users of your gym begin to train with the best comfort and efficiency.


Bodytone, quality gym machines for your workouts


At Bodytone we have been working for more than 20 years in the fitness sector to satisfy the most demanding athlete. We design, manufacture and distribute our gym machines, which allows us to have a strict quality control. In addition, we are in a constant process of evolution, innovation and improvement. We take care of the smallest detail in order to perfect our gym machines and fitness equipment to adapt to the needs of the market. Therefore, our products incorporate the latest virtual training technologies while taking care of the muscles and joints, minimizing the risk of injury.

At Bodytone we don’t just manufacture our products for sports centres. If you want to equip a corner of your home with gym machines and quality fitness equipment to train comfortably, you will find everything you need in our catalogue. We offer you all types of gym machines: cardio, bodybuilding, crossfit, and even equipment for directed activities such as Pilates or Body Pump. Choose the equipment you need and get it in our online store.

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